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The Business Plan
Sometimes 'brevity is the soul of wit,' like in a tweet or a slogan or a political campaign.  But sometimes short writing is not enough.  When an entrepreneur wants to borrow money for a project, the bankers and investors want to see the details of his or her business plan.  They want to know the vision, the research that led to the plan, how the operations will function with new money, how it will be marketed and who are the key people in operations.  They also want to see the financial projections. 

For an existing company, there is already evidence of cash flow and a functional enterprise so new business plans that outline expansion are simpler. Below is a link to the business plan for Bridgepoint Development.  This one is more difficult.  There are no sales, income, or operations--only the dream of it.  Here is what Andrew Kokas wrote for prospective investors, grantors, and lenders about a new idea in downtown development.