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Need Money?
When new money is hard to find, think global.  Growing economies, like China, have investment capital, and we may be able to help you find it.
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Global Thinkers
Lowering costs and expanding market penetration are critical to a growing business. 
Olivia Liang can help your company find less expensive raw goods or finished products and, if appropriate, find out if your product has viability in overseas markets.
Most of the products we buy come from China, routed through many intermediaries. Olivia can help with direct imports for your business.
If its uniquely American, chances are good the Chinese will like it. Let Olivia help you test the China market for your American products.
It is tempting to manufacture overseas, but who will be your watchdog for quality? Ask Olivia to connect you with a project manager in China that you can rely upon.
Do you need short term or long term employees for your Chinese project?  Let Olivia assist you. She has built several British and American companies in China with Chinese labor.
The Chinese government can be a mystery, except when you have 20 years experience getting through the "Red" tape.  Olivia can get you the meetings you need for success.
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