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Business Development

When a small company suddenly becomes significantly larger, a transformation has occurred in business development.  HealthVision started as a company that produced patient-education videos.  Then, in almost a blink of an eye, it grew into a company that produced and broadcast health and medical TV programs across multiple states.  See how below.
Steps to Major Growth
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Multiplying the Growth
We assembled groups of 10-15 physician specialists in each of ten different US cities

After Indianapolis, we recruited physicians in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Dayton, Columbus, Buffalo and Lansing.  Each physician (more than 100 total) helped us raise money from the pharmaceutical companies they knew best.  They helped us raise more than a million dollars with small, unrestricted grants to our 501 c3 corporation--the Healthvision Foundation. To see samples of their medical reports, scroll down.