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The logo (RelyLocal, right) will become more familiar to you in the months ahead. RelyLocal is a national movement that aims to rebuild the local economies of our country.  We care about all of our fallen cities, of course, particularly in Michigan, but we live and work in Jackson and that is where we we will devote our attention and resources.  We plan to remind Jacksonians of what happened on Wall Street, and in response, launch a counter-measure to bring back Main Street for the people who live and work here.  We hope you can help.

As marketing professionals, our role will be to educate and encourage our residents to think locally before they buy.  A healthy community depends on a healthy economy, and both depend on the local businesses in Jackson. The money we spend with local businesses stays here (about 68%), where only 14% of the money spent with national chains stays in the area.  The money spent online...that...simply leaves.

To us, supporting local businesses doesn't stop with the economy. It is also about supporting stability and vibrancy in our community. Jackson businesses create jobs.  They provide tax revenue for schools, parks and roads. They offer diversity in the marketplace with unique products and services not found in big-box stores or chain restaurants. Our local businesses are owned by the very people who sponsor our little leagues, donate to our local charities, and volunteer for our community events. We rely on local businesses, but can our local businesses rely on us? 
The images below will show you some of the things available on our new RelyLocal site while keeping you here at Hill House. To go directly to RelyLocal, click on the link at right.    
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