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Rare is the small business that can afford its own marketing department.  Think of Hill House as a cost-effective alternative. 

We help entrepreneurs and small businesses find solutions to achieve their sales goals with less money. Sometimes it's just the internet or a little direct mail. But whether it's radio, TV, print, websites, social networking, billboards or direct mail, we can help.  Try us.  Initial consultations are always without charge. 
Olivia Liang
Andrew Kokas
Olivia has 20 years experience solving problems for international companies based in Britain, China and the US.  She earned her Masters degree in business from St. Joseph University in Philadelphia. She is also available to help any clients that need a relationship in China.  
Andy is an entrepreneur, skilled in business development, marketing, advertising and video production. A former White House correspondent, Andy has 30 years of dedicated media experience.  He has been nominated twice for an Emmy Award - a national Emmy - and won it once. He is a graduate of University of Michigan.  
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